Muhammad Adil Iqbal



This thought paper provides a general overview of globalisation, its interaction with Islamic civilisation and contemporary issues like Fourth Industrial Revolution, Extraterrestrial Imperative, COVID-19 Pandemic and more. The paper intends to identify and analyse the impact of globalisation on Islamic civilisation in various spheres of life including social, cultural, political, educational, religious, and economic. This is particularly crucial in the contemporary period of tension between Islam and the West due to numerous reasons. This paper will contribute to understanding and evaluation of the prevailing situation including the impact of Fourth Industrial Revolution. This paper will also assist in understanding the unique and dynamic challenges of globalisation and their consequences for Islamic civilisation, so, an idea about the way forward which is best for solving or effectively addressing these challenges, can be achieved. Contemporary globalisation and Fourth Industrial Revolution offer ground-breaking opportunities for collective good and for improvement of human condition. Now, it is up to Muslims, to effectively use benefits of globalisation and Fourth Industrial Revolution for civilizational revival and to produce second Islamic Golden Age.

Keywords:Islamic Civilisation, Muslim Culture, Fourth Industrial Revolution, Globalisation, Globalism

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Muhammad Adil Iqbal. “Islam, Globalism and Globalisation”Journal of Islamic Governance, October 27, 2021.


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