Thought Paper

Submission Guidelines

What can you write?

The Journal of Islamic Governance invites individuals from any field to share their thoughts and initial ideas from their current research, analysis or interpretation of a particular topic. Our objective is to provide a platform for academics, practitioners, policy influencers, and non-academics to share  their nascent, yet to be fully developed, ideas related to Islamic societies and it’s governance. Your original ideas, if accepted, can be shared and cited by students and scholars related to the field. Ideas may include (but not limited to):
  • Political Governance
  • Environmental & Health Governance
  • Leaders and Leadership
  • Financial & Corporate Governance
  • Non-Governmental Organisation
  • Social Equity
  • Security & Defence Governance
  • Educational Governance
  • International Relations & Multi-Level Governance
  •  Science, Technology & Innovation

Thought papers can be submitted at any time and will be reviewed double blind by The Journal’s Editorial Board. Accepted papers will be published on all of our platforms, hosted primarily by The Journal to establish intellectual ownership and acknowledge authorship.

Submission Requirements

  • Written in English
  • 3000 words (maximum, not including footnotes and citations)
  • Citation format: Chicago or Harvard
  • Short author biography (maximum 25 words)

Format Requirements

Font: Helvetica Neue Light
Title font size: 16pt
Author font size: 11pt
Content font size: 11pt

Title spacing: After 30pt
Author spacing: After 30pt
Content spacing: After 12pt
Line spacing (all): Exactly 16pt

Where to submit?

Please submit your paper via email to

1. Consultation (Optional)

You may choose to access free consultation with our Journal staff prior to submission

2. Submission

Email your paper in MS Word format with a sentence or two (max. 25 words) describing who you are.

Acknowledgment of your paper submission and its current status will be given within three (3) working days.

3. Screening

Your paper will undergo initial screening to ensure that the basic requirements (topic relevance, language and grammar, word count, author biography) are met.

No abstract is required.

4. Review

Your paper will undergo a double blind review process.

5. Review Outcome

You will be informed whether your paper has been accepted without amendments, or accepted with minor amendments. Should your paper require some amendments or revisions, a review feedback will be provided.

6. Publication

Your paper will be published, and you will receive an email notifying you of the publication.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the required writing style?

Simple and basic academic rigour is expected, but more pertinently, it is a critical voice that is needed, translated in your personal writing style. The thought paper, is after all, meant to spark engagement and dialogue and should be written in a manner that best facilitates this.

I am not confident in writing in English, can I submit in another language?

All submissions must include an English version, however you may submit both an English and non-English paper together. The Journal offers free consultation and welcomes potential authors to come in and refine their submissions. Currently, our staff are able to help refine your English interpretation of Malay and Arabic languages.

How do I find out whether my paper is suitable or relevant to Islamic Governance?

Kindly contact Fatimah Abu Sufian ( with your submission title for assistance.

Can I submit a Thought Paper if I have not yet attended Islamic Governance classes or related disciplines?

Specific education on Islamic Systems of Governance, as taught in the Institute of Policy Studies, UBD, is not necessary. We welcome all submissions related to Islam and governance.

Do I need to have an academic background to submit?

No, almost anyone can submit a Thought Paper as it is intended to be for all stakeholders of an Islamic System of Governance to contribute, whether you are a career academic, or blue-collared worker. Should you need assistance on how to write academically, please do not hesitate to contact us.

My paper may be too long for the Thought Paper requirements, what should I do?

Longer papers may be divided into multiple parts, however we would highly recommend that you instead submit a paper to The Journal issues itself. These are 5000-7000 word articles, in comparison to the 2000 word Thought Paper. For more information, visit our Authors Guide