Amin Abdul Aziz

Senior Professor in Islamic Governance at the Institute of Policy Studies, UBD.
His research interests include Islamic systems of governance, Political Islam and Islamic Law.

Islamic Governance is a concept founded upon a 1400-year-old civilisation with extensive experience in rulership, its challenges and organisation, across different nations and cultures. Islam bequeathed to the world a rich intellectual heritage. Yet, questions persist of what exactly is Islamic Governance? What is the theoretical framework constructing the Muslim ideal of ‘good governance’? And to realise any form of effective governance, what are the objectives, or Maqāid, of such a system? This module, offered by the Institute of Policy Studies (IPS), Universiti Brunei Darussalam (UBD), seeks to answer these questions and offers an innovative operational framework to articulate the implementation of an Islamic system of governance.

This is an intensive, two and a half week, module which allows anyone to experience a quick introduction to the field of Islamic Governance. Specifically designed and available to be taught for all backgrounds whether you are a layman or a seasoned professional. 

Date and time:

1-18th of July, 2019. 9am to 12pm

Registration fees are:

$500 for public individuals (i.e. non-affiliated with UBD)
$300 for UBD Alumni
$150 for UBD Staff and Students

To register, please access the online payment link here

Registration will close on the 29th of June, 2019. For more information, please contact either or