Submission Guidelines

What can you write?

The Journal of Islamic Governance encourages submissions from not only seasoned academics, but also from practitioners, policy influences, and aspiring researchers to contribute to the dialogue pertaining to an Islamic system of governance. Submissions can be of two forms: Journal Article or Thought Paper

Journal Article

  • Between 5,000 – 7,000 words (excluding footnotes & references)
  • Fully researched, pertaining to various elements within an Islamic system of governance
  • Can be pure/applied and conceptual/empirical

General Guideline

  • Written in English (United Kingdom)
  • Citation: Chicago 17th Footnote
  • Include paper title, author’s name and author’s affiliation
  • Use Journal’s transliteration system
  • Formatted according to Journal style, as shown below (alternatively, you can download from a template)


  • To submit, please email your paper to
  • Ensure that all papers are in Microsoft Word format (2007 or later)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the required writing style?

Simple and basic academic rigour is expected, but more pertinently, it is a critical voice that is needed, translated in your personal writing style. The thought paper, is after all, meant to spark engagement and dialogue and should be written in a manner that best facilitates this.

I am not confident in writing in English, can I submit in another language?

All submissions must include an English version, however you may submit both an English and non-English paper together. The Journal offers free consultation and welcomes potential authors to come in and refine their submissions. Currently, our staff are able to help refine your English interpretation of Malay and Arabic languages.

How do I find out whether my paper is suitable or relevant to Islamic Governance?

Kindly contact with your submission title for assistance.

Can I submit a Thought Paper if I have not yet attended Islamic Governance classes or related disciplines?

Specific education on Islamic Systems of Governance, as taught in the Institute of Policy Studies, UBD, is not necessary. We welcome all submissions related to Islam and governance.

Do I need to have an academic background to submit?

No, almost anyone can submit a Thought Paper as it is intended to be for all stakeholders of an Islamic System of Governance to contribute, whether you are a career academic, or blue-collared worker. Should you need assistance on how to write academically, please do not hesitate to contact us.

My paper may be too long for the Thought Paper requirements, what should I do?

Longer papers may be divided into multiple parts, however we would highly recommend that you instead submit a paper to The Journal issues itself. These are 5000-7000 word articles, in comparison to the 2000 word Thought Paper. For more information, visit our Authors Guide