Amin Abdul Aziz

Senior Professor in Islamic Governance at the Institute of Policy Studies, UBD.
His research interests include Islamic Systems of Governance, Political Islam and Islamic Law.

This twelve-week workshop is a crucial step towards understanding the contemporary language of political Islam by exploring its historical foundations across 1400 years of theological conflict. The workshop looks into the how the Muslim worldview was formed, from the Prophetic succession to contemporary Islam’s dynamic relationship with the world order we know today. The topics to be discussed are as follows:


  1. Islam & Contemporary Politics
  2. Foundations of the Muslim Worldview
  3. Issues of Prophetic Succession
  4. Sunni Theo-Political Doctrines
  5. Khawārij Theo-Political Doctrines
  6. Shi’ite Theo-Political Doctrines
  7. Collapse of the Caliphate
  8. Muslim Identity: Between Belief and Culture
  9. Re-Constructing Muslim Identity
  10. Islam and the West
  11. The Other Face of Islam
  12. Islam & the World Order

Date and time:

8th August – 24th October 2020, 7.30pm – 9.30pm (every Saturday)


Mawardi Global Classroom, Institute of Policy Studies, ILIA Building, Universiti Brunei Darussalam, Jalan Tungku Link, Gadong BE1410

Registration fees are:

$500 for public individuals (i.e. non-affiliated with UBD)
$300 for UBD Alumni
$150 for UBD Staff and Students

To register, please access the online payment link here

For more information, please contact either or contact the IPS hotline at +673 832 9747