Criteria for publication

  • Must be related to pure or applied research within the field of Islamic Governance.
  • Must not infringe with the policies and regulations of Universiti Brunei Darussalam, or the laws of Brunei Darussalam.
  • Must provide beneficial contribution to the field of Islamic Governance.
  • Must be written within the parameters set in the Guide to Authors.


Review process


Selecting peer-reviewers

Peer reviewers are selected from our consultant editors. We will select two consultant editors who are experts in the field of your submission. All consultant editors will be familiar with the field of Islamic Governance but are also experts within their own field. As The Journal uses a double-blind peer review process, both the submitter and the reviewer will be anonymous to allow the greatest degree of objective review.


Access to the literature

We are usually able to access most literature referenced in the submissions we receive. However, there are cases where these references are inaccessible to the public or through our subscriptions. Therefore, should you have any reason to believe that your literature may be difficult to access, we ask that you attach them with your submissions or provide instructions on how to access the source of your reference(s).