Serdar Demirel


The 21st century began with major crises for the Muslim World. The invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan, the Arab Spring and its following events led to the death and immigration of millions of individuals, as well as major demographic shifts within the countries involved. Very few Muslim countries have stability, while most of them are in search of it. There are many internal and external reasons for that lack of stability. One of the internal reasons is the lack of the implementation of laws of consultation which are prioritized by Islam in state administration. This means that only a small clique decides on behalf of the country and the will of the people does not play a role in guiding the administration of the state. This paper analyses the relationship between Islam and consultation, the need for consultation in the postmodern world, the importance the Prophet Muhammadﷺ gave to consultation and the ruling of consultation in state administration and offers suggestions concerning one of the main issues faced by the Muslim world by following the Prophetic path.


Keywords: consultation, state administration, the Prophet Muhammadﷺ, contemporary world.