Iznan Tarip


There are emerging works on the dark side of organisation, looking at the dark out-side (e.g. political instability, multi-national corrupt syndicates), and in-side (e.g. workplace violence, nepotism). The ‘darkness’ not only involves generalised corrupting mechanisms, but also specific issues that are purposefully ‘brushed under the carpet’ by the organisation. This paper contributes to the evolving field by introducing the theme ‘darkness to light’ from an Islamic perspective.  It is situated within the discourse of Islamic corporate governance, looking not only at the shadows lurking within an Islamic system of corporate governance, but also its ‘light’ side that tries to illuminate every nook and cranny of the virtuous organisation. Furthermore, the dynamic interplays between organisational darkness and light are scrutinised, forming these ‘grey’ areas in which organisational members struggles to navigate. The paper also presents an illustrated case study to help explore these interplays. The case shows that some organisational elements are situated exclusively on the light and dark sides, but many in these grey areas. Strategies and mechanisms are then proposed to systematically shine more light into these dark sides and grey areas, in order for the organisation to gain benefits from them.

Keywords: Islamic corporate governance, Islamic governance, dark side, light side, virtuous organisation