Majdey Zawawi


Power plays an important role for progress and attaining the goals and needs of the state, and the authority to exercise power is through the constitution. Throughout the last two centuries, Brunei has undergone several manifestations of power, which was finally concluded with the establishment of the constitution. This paper will identify how power was manifested within three distinct systems that was utilised during the course of the late 19th and early 20th century. Through the use of historical analysis, the paper will categorise the different dynamics of power that will reveal the authority within the state within each structure. The constitution will be examined to reveal that it was an effort towards the reclamation of power for the state. This paper proposes that the constitution allows the rearticulating of power to fit the context of an Islamic system of governance. As a result of that, it allows the existence of key functions of an Islamic governance to be conceptualised.