Huraini Hurairah

Issue 2
Paper 2


Development in this modern age is synonymous with modernisation and progress of industrialised societies in terms of political, social and economic sectors of life. This view however risks negating context and local perspectives with influences such as traditions, culture and religious fundamentals. This paper challenges the ‘Western’ view of development and presents and alternative view of national development based on Islamic principles. This paper proposes that there are merits in considering on Islamic worldview, exploring development through the lens of the Maqāid As-Sharī’ah and Brunei Darussalam’s National Vision; Wawasan Brunei 2035. The National vision will be re-articulated in light of this new perspective and evaluate on its alignment to the doctrines of the Maqāid al-Sharī’ah. The paper proposes the Islamic concept of development is more welfare based, which can ensure the preservation rights and obligations of mankind and to society. This paper offers some views on the ways of connecting the Maqāid al-Sharī’ah to national development proposing for a more holistic Islamic view of nation building.