Foreign nationals intending to visit Brunei Darussalam must apply for a visa applied and approved by any Bruneian diplomatic mission except those mentioned in the Bruneian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) website. Applicants from certain countries may need to provide a police clearance form.

All forms can be found on the Brunei Immigration Department’s website:

Should you run into any issues pertaining to your visa, please contact the MFA. If the issue persists, please do not hesitate to contact us.



Generally, Brunei has two main transportation options: car and bus, however it is highly dependent and dominated by cars as a means for transport. The only other viable option are water taxis however the routes offered are unreliable and limited in routes.


Taxis are easy to hail from the airport to your hotel, they are also available at most hotels and shopping centres. You can contact +673 222 2214 or +673 222 6853 for taxi services in the capital. We have listed more detailed information below (taken from

  • Taxis in Brunei are metered.
  • Base price of BND3.50 for the first minute or kilometer.
  • Additional BND0.25 for every 250m or 15 seconds (whichever comes first).
  • Additional BND3.00 for trips going to and from the airport.
  • Additional BND8.00 for travelling from one district to another.
  • Additional surcharge of 50% of metered fare from 6pm to 6am.
  • Additional charge of BND2.00 per piece after 3 pieces and above.
  • Additional charges for more than 4 passengers (BND2.00 per additional person.
  • Booking via telephone charge of BND2.00.
  • Waiting charge: BND0.50 per minute.
  • Toll charges borne by passenger.


Similar to Uber or Grab, discounts and price is calculated based on distance and time of travel. Prices may differ if you change your final destination, add additional stops or end the ride early. You must book 30 minutes in advance. Dart offers three main services (taken from Dart website at

Dart Car: Up to four (4) passengers.

Dart XL: Up to six (6) passengers. Additional $2 charge for 3 pieces of baggage and above.

Metered Taxi: standard taxis can be booked with the Dart app. Refer to section above for more information.


The more convenient and arguably the more realistic option should you wish to fully explore Brunei is to book a rental car. You can do this before reaching the country through online bookings. Prices range between BND60.00 to BND100.00 per day, depending on your vehicle choice. Below are several companies that you may want to approach:

L&W Car Rental
+6738 752783 or +6732 424246

3 Click Carhire

Indera En Voy Transportation
+673 233 6636


The cheapest travel option available are buses. However, buses in Brunei are relatively cumbersome to use with generally unreliable timings and stops. Should you choose this public transport option, we recommend bringing an experienced companion or contact us for tips. Routes that lead to the Symposium venue at Chancellor Hall, Universiti Brunei Darussalam (UBD) are:

Route 22 begins at Bandar Seri Begawan Bus Terminal and ends at UBD.

Route 57 and 58 also stops at UBD however these lines are longer.


Below we have listed several hotels that are generally close (5 to 15-minute drive) to our Symposium venue. However, as Brunei is geographically small, there are many other options that are within comfortable driving distance. We recommend, especially if it is your first time in Brunei, to choose accommodation that is within the Brunei-Muara district. AirBnB is also available in Brunei, however we cannot verify the quality and security of these listings.

Please double check both your accommodation choice and venue. However, do not hesitate to contact us if you are unsure of the viability of you accommodation.

Star Lodge
Lot 27192, Kg. Jerudong
Jalan Pulau Kubu, Sengkurong
Phone: +673 2611618
Fax: +673 2611619
Estimated distance to UBD: 9.1 km


Parkview Hotel
Lot 36204
Jalan Pertanian Luahan, Jerudong
Phone: +673 2611998 / 2611999
Fax: +673 2610426
Estimated distance to UBD: 9.8 km


The Empire Hotel & Country Club
Kg. Jerudong
Muara-Tutong Highway
Phone: +673 2418888
Fax: +673 2418999
Estimated distance to UBD: 9.8 km

Grand City Hotel
Lot 25115, Unit 1-12, Block G
Jalan Batu Bersurat
Kg. Pengkalan Gadong
Phone: +673 2452188
Fax: +673 2337879
Estimated distance to UBD: 11.1 km


Centrepoint Hotel
Abdul Razak Complex
Centrepoint, Gadong
Phone: +673 2430430
Fax: +673 2430200
Estimated distance to UBD: 11.5 km


The Rizqun International Hotel
Abdul Razak Complex
The Mall, Gadong
Phone: +673 2423000
Fax: +673 2428000
Estimated distance to UBD: 12.2 km

Venice Lodge Brunei
Lot 47369, Jalan Dato Ratna
Kg. Kiarong
Phone: +673 2455233
Fax: +673 2457995
Estimated distance to UBD: 12.5 km


Wafa Hotel & Apartment
Annajat Complex, Lot 71077
Kg. Mata-Mata
Phone: +673 2426889
Fax: N/A
Estimated distance to UBD: 12.5 km


Traders Inn
Block D, Lot 11620
Jalan Gadong
Phone: +673 2442828
Fax: +673 2431188
Estimated distance to UBD: 13.1 km