Chief Editor


Amin Abdul Aziz

Senior Professor of Islamic Governance at the Institute of Policy Studies, UBD. His research interests are in Islamic systems of governance, Political Islam and Islamic Law.

Editorial Board


Glenn Hardaker

Director of the Centre for Lifelong Learning and Senior Professor at Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah Institute of Education UBD, and a National Teaching Fellow. His research focus is on blended learning between Islam, innovation and education. Professor Glenn is also Editor of two international publications: the Journal for Multicultural Education (JME) and the International Journal Information & Learning Technology (IJILT).

Muhammad Assyafie Hanif Abdul Rahman

Dr Hanif Abdul Rahman is a lecturer in PAPRSB Institute of Health Sciences, Universiti Brunei Darussalam. He has a keen interest in the application of Islamic Governance in the Healthcare system, particularly, the development of a measuring tool to assess and monitor the progress of integrating the Islamic governance components in the health sector, through multi-level and multi-dimensional approaches.

Imran Alvi

Dr Imran Alvi (DPhil, MPhil, Oxon) is Chief Executive of Oxford Intellect, a network of UK academics focussed on the international transfer of knowledge in the fields of research methods, economics, business and finance. His economic training is from Balliol College, University of Oxford and his research interests include Applied Econometrics, Behavioural Economics and Islamic Economics.

B. A. Hussainmya

Professor B. A. Hussainmiya is an historian of repute currently serving as an Adjunct Professor at the Southeastern University of Sri Lanka at Oluvil, Sri Lanka. Professor Hussainmiya is author of numerous books and articles especially on modern Brunei History and Classical Malay/Islamic literary Studies.

Widad Abdul Aziz

Lecturer at the Faculty of Shariah and Law at Universiti Islam Sultan Sharif Ali (UNISSA). Dr Widad’s research interests are in criminal law, family law, law of evidence both under the Shariah and civil laws, and also contemporary issues in fiqh and usul fiqh.

Consultant Editors


Mahani Hamdan

Director of the Insitute of Policy Studies, UBD. She is an Assistant Professor at the UBD School of Business and Economics. Dr Mahani’s research interests include Financial and Management Accounting, Management and Organisational Behaviour, and Corporate Social Responsibility.

Abu Umar Faruq Ahmad

Associate Professor of Islamic Economics Institute, King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. His research focus is on Islamic law, Islamic Jurisprudence and Islamic finance. He has published several books and journal articles on Islamic finance. He is also the Founding Editor of International Journal of Excellence in Islamic Banking and Finance, and the Editorial Advisory Board Member of 2 Emerald published Scopus indexed journals.

Managing Editor


Alawi Shahrin

Project Officer at the Institute of Policy Studies, UBD. Completed BA in Politics and International Studies from The University of Melbourne.

Associate Editors


Fatimah Abusufian

Research Assistant at the Institute of Policy Studies, and is currently doing a part-time Masters in Islamic Governance (by research), both at UBD. She has also earned a BA in International Relations and Politics from Keele University.

Syazana Fauzi

Earned her Master in Islamic Governance (by research) at UBD. Her research topic was ‘A Study of Brunei’s Healthcare Policies: An Islamic Governance Approach’. She has also earned a BSc in Biomedical Sciences from The University of Southampton.

Iznan Tarip

Researcher at the Institute of Policy Studies, UBD. He obtained his PhD at Lancaster University with research interests in organisational learning in the moral dimension, employing works on virtue ethics. Dr Iznan also earned an MRes in Human Resources Management and Personnel Administration, from the same university. He has also earned a BSc in Accounting and Mathematics at The University of Dundee.

Fatima Hamdulay

PhD candidate in Islamic Governance, with research interests in Operational Excellence and Development of Human Agency in Islamic systems of governance. Fatima has taught, worked and consulted in the field of Operations for a number of years. She has an MBA, BSocSci (Hon) and BSc in Chemical Engineering, all three earned from the University of Cape Town.

Muhammad Shaahid Cassim

PhD candidate in Islamic Governance at the Institute of Policy Studies, UBD. Research interests include Islamic systems of Governance, the Qur’ān, Social Policy, Decision-Making, and Transdisciplinarity. He has taught Critical Thinking and worked as a Coach and Design Consultant. He recieved his B.A. in English Literature and Islamic Studies from the University of South Africa, and his Honours in Religious Studies from the University of Cape Town.

Mu’izz Khalid

PhD Candidate in Southeast Asian Studies at National University of Singapore (NUS). His research interest comprises the volatile area between Islam and politics, absolutism, post-colonial states and the Malay world. He previously studied MSc Security Studies at University College London (UCL) and BSc International Relations and Politics from The University of Sheffield.

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