Get your company on the map by advertising with us! We provide full assistance and reliable support to our sponsors enabling them to gain access to a valuable and holistic demographic. We currently offer two main sponsorship packages: Premium and Standard



This is the main and most effective form of advertising available on The Journal of Islamic Governance (JIG) website, found on the home page. Your advert is placed side-by-side with our Journal papers and other key content to provide a seamless transition as the user scrolls down the website. This ensures that your content is always engaged by your intended market audience.

Below we’ve set out how your content will be portrayed on our website, and more importantly how the user will engage with the material.

Seamless Advertising


Your ad will placed and designed to be at home with the most highly-viewed content on our website, giving your ad the most exposure and interaction as possible.

Within this slot, you are allocated a short excerpt of around 40-50 words that portrays your company and/or product and service. This is accompanied by a strong, bright and impactful image of your choice.*

Your Own Space


Once the user clicks on your post, they will be directed to your article page within The JIG website. This page will be customised to your preferences, giving you the flexibility to highlight your company, product or service.

The more interesting and interactive your article is, the more attention your audience will have leading to higher returns on your investment.

Extensive Support


We will provide complete technical and content support for your company. This ranges from the inclusion of special features, consultation on aesthetics, assistance in language and much more.

The Journal understands that different companies will need varying portrayal methods, and we are more than happy to assist every step of the way.

In addition to this, your company will be provided logo-slots in event materials, such as programme books and flyers, under The Journal of Islamic Governance. Your company will also become a priority and added to the exclusive first-contact list for further valuable sponsorship opportunities to ensure that you do not miss out on any potential spaces to access and expand your market. This includes our including the annual Islamic Governance Symposium



This is your more traditional form of advertising. These image ads are slots within the website within close proximity to high-attention spaces to capture gaze of our audience inclusive of support from us in image optimisation and consultation. 

Simple and Effective


The whole image will be an active link that, when clicked, will bring the user to an external site of your choice*. This is perfect for companies looking to increase traffic to their website or page.

Full Customisation


Both the image and the integrated link is fully customisable to your preferences.* This will come in basic rectangular boxes that will generally have your company name and an image of your choice (except logos).

For more information on our sponsorship packages, please contact

*Subject to our Terms and Conditions