The Journal of Islamic Governance offers two advertising options:

  • Sponsored feature
  • Basic advert


Sponsored feature


This is the main and most effective form of advertising available on The Journal of Islamic Governance (JIG) website, found on the main page. Your advert is placed side-by-side with our Journal papers and other content to provide a seamless transition as the user scrolls down the website ensuring full engagement.


This sample uses a brightly coloured image to stand out while remaining integrated to the rest of the website.


When the user engages with your ad and clicks the link provided, it will transfer the user to a page within the JIG website. In this page, you may write and post almost anything you’d like about your company, provided that you stay within the parameters of the JIG website Terms and Conditions.


This sample focuses on advertising the company’s operations and core competencies.


We are more than happy to help you with the creation of this page and provide advice on what has worked for other companies through our advertising strategy. To amend this page, simply contact us and we can easily sort the changes out for you.


Basic advert


This sample uses image advertising is sandwiched between a edge-to-edge banner and media content.


This is your more traditional form of advertising. Simple and effective, image ads are spaces within the website within close proximity to high-attention spaces to put your company within the gaze of our audience.

Primarily, these ads are placed at the bottom or top of the website close to unique content (such as site-wide banners, videos) to increase attention while not disrupting the general flow of content on the main page.

This will come in basic square or rectangular boxes that will generally have your company name and an image of your choice (except logos). The whole image will be an active link that, when clicked, will bring the user to an external site of your choice.


General Rules


To allow this system of advertising to work effectively for you, there are several rules that must be followed. We will provide the Terms & Conditions once we formalise our agreement for your advertising space. However, some important features to consider is that:

  • No logos are to be used on front-page imagery. Logos are usually considered as blatant ads and are ignored by the audience. Having too many logos on the website may decrease the consistency of viewer traffic to the detriment to your ROI.
  • The ad must have some form of brief or introductory sentence. This is used for the main page and will consist of roughly 40 words. This provides the an incentive for the user to engage with your ad, as well as integrating with the rest of the page.
  • Should not contradict The Journal’s principles and core values. Although we are generally open to most types of advertising content, the ad must not directly contradict our mission. For instance, as an Islamic journal we cannot accept ads that contain partial nudity.